Looking for a path

There are too many ideas, too many interesting things in this world that are worth studying or discovering, seeing, smelling, touching, feeling. There are too many directions to go.

I thought that if I found one thing that could drive my entire existence, one thing that I could breath for, one thing that my heart would melt over and absorb it inside me, make it a part of me, at an atomic level, I could narrow the world to a more manageable size. I could break the gap between me and all that seems out of reach. I could find a path for myself and walk along with determination and focus.

What am I missing?

What is passion? How does it feel to care about something passionately? How does it feel to risk everything for that passion?

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  1. Very recognizable questions. I wonder so much about it.

    I can find it very beautiful to see someone so into something, and yet I don’t understand it, because I never really feel that way. Life also seems so much easier when you have something that automatically grabs you and leads a way. Maybe that’s not completely true , but yeah, I wonder so often too what am I missing and how life would be when I would have something like that.

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      Exactly!! My partner is so passionate about his work and hobbies, it’s intoxicating! His enthusiasm pulled me in. And it makes me wonder why can’t I have that? What am I doing wrong? Maybe we just need to take a better look at our surroundings and discover the things that brings us more than joy.

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      1. I don’t think it has anything to do with doing something wrong. We all have different bodies and brains and there is so much unknown still about all the chemicals in our bodies and how they react and such…and also the relationships with feelings and emotions and our external world. . But whatever it is in the end, never stop looking around for sure 🙂

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  2. colinmcqueen says:

    Passion does not have to be about just one thing, it is possible to care deeply, and passionately, about many many things. Passion is in opening your mind and trying (and almost always failing) to get things right. Passion involves joy and laughter and should accompany wherever you go (along with wine and chocolate, of course…)

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