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Some time ago I found a video on YouTube with Neil Gaiman, at the end of which he reads a short story he came up with from Twitter replies. It was about the encounter between a Genie and a woman. I loved that story so much and it inspired me to dig a little bit in the Arabic folklore. So I found out that the friendly Genie we all know from Disney’s Aladdin can be quite evil. (insert evil laugh)

When I first started writing on WordPress I had another blog, Gates of Pandemonium, and the purpose was to write about obscure or less known mythological creatures. As research takes a lot of time, I didn’t put any effort in it and I eventually abandoned it. Now, I’m thinking of reigniting my interest in folklore and creepy stories from around the world and write about monsters every Sunday.

If you are interested, join me here. Today’s topic is the origins of the Genie.

P.S. : I couldn’t find the exact YouTube video I watched, with Neil narrating the story, but I found this one here. The beginning of the story is missing, not much, maybe a minute or two. Even so, I recommend listening to it, it’s amazing! And if you happen to find the entire narration, please send me the link. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      After I finish reading

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      1. Gottfried says:

        You can like them first and read slowly.

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      2. moonraven44 says:

        Funny 😂 very funny

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      3. Gottfried says:

        C’mon I’m counting on you 😉


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