The “joy” of unmotivated Mondays

Another Monday, another week, another start. I woke up feeling full of energy, bursting life from every pore.


My energy levels were so low, I felt drained of every ounce of will power. My ass was hurting bad enough that I couldn’t sit.

Hold up! Let’s rewind a lil’ bit. Don’t get too fast to conclusions.

Sunday was a fun-day. Well, a tiny bit more than fun. Me and my husband took a ride with the motorcycle; our first long road trip this year. We left in the morning around 9 and, ironically, got back home around 9 p.m. A 700 km road trip. That’s why my bum hurts. If you don’t believe me, try sitting on a bike for that long and tell me how you like it.

It’s been a perfect Sunday, just the two of us, on the road, the sun shining and lots of beautiful landscapes. We visited a fort!

After such a day I thought I’ll start the week full front, all packed up with energy and full of inspiration, lots to write about, brand new ideas popping up in and out of my head like hot pipping popcorn! But life decided to be an asshole and not give me any of that.

Therefore, I woke up so unmotivated I almost felt brain dead. I tried every little thing I could to trick me and put my brain juice to work. Had lots of coffee, cleaned up the kitchen, then the bedroom, did some laundry that was laying around unfolded since last Thursday, had a refreshing salad, took a bath, played with my cats, spent some time in the sun and tried to watch one of my comfort movies. Nothing worked. And I feel so bad for wasting another day.

What can one do in times like this?

I really, really – can’t stress that enough – tried to move, to do the things that normally help me get back on track. It felt like I had no direction, no purpose. My mind was blank, I couldn’t focus on anything. I would misplace things, like putting the kitchen paper towels in the fridge! Who does such a thing?!

I don’t understand what’s happening. I feel as if I’m scattered all over the place. I have to put myself back together faster or else I’m afraid I might lose track of myself. But from where should I begin? What is left to do when nothing seems to work? I am so confused…

*P.S. : I apologize for the low quality pictures; there’s nothing I can do about it until I’ll get a job. 😀

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