Self care: scheduling time for ourselves

I have a deposit of bad days. When depression hits, I summon more of it from that deposit. For the love of God, why do I do this? Whenever I have a bad day, why do I make it even worse?

Isn’t it how it always happens? You have a bad day, you feel as if the whole world collapsed all over you and, instead of looking for solutions, you remember all the other times you felt like this, or worse, and you add it up to the current misery. That’s how your mind tricks you into falling deeper in desperation and it torments you with dark thoughts. You feel chained and because you are at your most vulnerable point, you see no other choice but to give in.

We are such savages to ourselves! We don’t allow others to hurt us, but we do it ourselves, to ourselves. There are ways to discipline our minds and even if we don’t feel like it – especially when we don’t feel like it -, we should at least try to pull ourselves out.

Well, I’m the one to talk! I find it difficult to drag myself out of the dumps because my depression doesn’t come in waves, it hits hard like a calamity! And, like I said, I often go back to past experiences. Pure torture! Am I the only one who does it?

Day by day we’re building up on stress and experience different levels of anxiety; always on a rush, we forget about ourselves or we put self care lastly. Before we know it, the implosion happens and we disintegrate within ourselves. And it hurts everywhere.

Every single tiny worry or sorrow comes at you with such force that you may think you’ve been hit in the chest with a sledgehammer. Everything becomes a mess; your thoughts are spattered all over the place, your body won’t move, your eyes won’t open and those dishes won’t wash themselves.

Why don’t we take it one day at a time? We should always take good care of ourselves, not only when we feel ill. Self neglect has a big impact on our mental health. It affects physical abilities, energy levels, we feel lethargic, unfocused, unmotivated, uninspired.

Solutions are everywhere, available at your fingertips. Google it. You will find hundreds of articles on how to distress, how to take care of yourself and the importance of it. They all present the same things: sleep more, improve your diet, meditate, exercise, make time for yourself, take a walk in the park or read.

Why do we fail at this? Is taking care of ourselves less important? Why don’t we schedule time for self care the same way we do with our responsibilities and appointments? Does it sound silly? I dare you to try it. Every day, for 30 minutes or however long you can afford, make time for yourself. And make it a priority. It may be difficult at first, but by doing it regularly, it will become like second nature. Your health and well-being matters more than you think. Taking care of yourself will help you be more productive, more focused, it will improve the quality of decision-making, it will improve your overall life.

Tell me, what’s the most important thing to yourself? How can you achieve it if you’re not feeling well?

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