Stop postponing life

I looked back at pictures taken 2 years ago, when everything was good and beautiful and we didn’t have the worries of today, especially because Covid didn’t exist, and it made me remember the reasons I’m living for. And, while randomly watching YouTube, I came across a video made by an over-50-year-old guy riding on dirt bikes through the woods. Besides watching it because I like motorcycles, I watched it several times because it brings awareness to the choices you make everyday. It is a video that invites you to self-reflect and ask yourself what is the most important thing to you, what are you living for, what do you want from this life.

This guy says something like “we came into this world screaming and covered in blood and why not ride motorbikes and increase the chance of leaving it the same way?” Perhaps it sounds too extreme, but he’s actually talking about choosing adventure over comfort, risk over safety. This man said “no” to the conventional way of spending your last years alive. Instead of staying on the couch, in front of the TV, he pushed himself, despite his age and aging body, and despite the risk of getting injured. He chose to actively live his life. And I believe the rest of us are just jealous of his courage, of his determination to live for the adventure, for his energy and the abundance of memories he makes, the stories he shares.

You die the way you live your life.

Maybe the unhappiness comes from this: a choice we make only in our heads, a choice we dream to make, but fail to materialize because we indulge ourselves in the comfort that we created for ourselves, the cozyness of our house. It is easier to live without taking risks and play it safe, but it’s very sad because we are missing so much more. We need a spark to ignite us, to feel and see how rich life can be, to be more confident and courageous and chase our deepest desires.

Maybe life doesn’t really have a purpose. It’s up to us to give it one, to make it meaningful for our own peace of mind and not get regrets later. Maybe we should push ourselves more, risk more, play more, explore and travel more, find our limits and see if we are able to surpass them. Because, maybe, life is about striving to be better, not in comparison with others, but with ourselves.

We need to do more than just exist.

I realized I live for the memories, for traveling, for exploring my surroundings. I don’t live for my job or for the money and all the things I can buy. I live for the memories and the stories I can share with those around me.

Maybe it doesn’t matter where we’ll get after we die, maybe nothing will happen, but while we’re still here, we should take a good look at ourselves, at our strengths and weaknesses and determine what to do with the time we were given. Why do we postpone doing the things we want to live for? Why do we work so much and not take time for ourselves? The thing is… we think we have time. But we don’t. There’s never enough time. Never will be.

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