We need courage

The world around us feels stagnant. It just stopped. I stretch my arms and try to embrace this stillness. Cold vibrations go right through me, then nothingness fills me. I feel his sadness, although he hides it and says nothing. I try to ease his pain, but it is not my responsibility to rescue him.

This chapter has to end but the fear of the unknown freezes us. Our feet stopped moving. We feel trapped in this vicious cycle and the inability to escape torments us. Nothing makes any sense and we gave up fighting. We are floating in this void, waiting for a change and the courage to accept the changes. We forgot how it was to be free of pain and remorse. We got so used to feeling miserable, that we forgot how it was to be happy.

The air around us is dry and heavy. It’s suffocating us. We really need to stir up this place, we need something to awaken us, to give us back the power to dream, to banish our demons, to end up the nightmare. We need courage to shift our focus towards something better, to remind us what it means to breath, to be alive, to float above the clouds. We need to end the screaming and we have to clean up the shattered glass. We are floating in grief and misery. We have to end it or else we’ll drown in our own poison.

We have to find a way of escape and end this drama. We need courage.

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  1. Beautiful ❣️ I love the line ‘We need to end the screaming and we have to clean up the shattered glass’. We do need courage, and I believe you have it!

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    1. moonraven44 says:

      Thank you 🤗🤗

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