The World

This tarot card represents a major change, the end of a cycle; it is one of the only two cards that have no negative meaning. A new world opens up, new opportunities appear and the drama ends.

This year is coming to an end. December is always a busy month, this year’s no exception, despite the pandemic issue. I believe everybody expects this year to end, in the hopes that we’ll get back to our rhythm from before. Very much unlikely to happen, but we can only hope…

With every year’s end we’re closing another chapter in our lives and make new resolutions. We want to start anew, the future looks like a clean slate ready to be filled with new desires, maybe lose a few pounds, finding another job, getting married, travelling more, getting a new house maybe, having a child, and so on.

We expect a lot from the future, always hoping to achieve more or do better than in the previous year, and we promise ourselves that we’ll work harder this time, we’ll dedicate ourselves to our goals, we’ll stop procrastinating, we’ll be more active. We promise ourselves that we’ll embrace every opportunity that comes on our path and we’ll only follow the good things. We wish to release all that is no longer serving our purpose, we want the pain to end and make room for change.

And we want all this changes to happen fast, wishing for a new world to open in front of us, full of possibilities and new challenges to help us grow. We see the passage between years like a door that opens up for us. We welcome the future and close this door to end the past.

In our mind, the future always looks brighter, more promising, and, as the year ends, we look in front of us to a blank page ready to be filled with better plans and happier times. We put an end to a chapter as we begin another, hoping for a better, more abundant life and we promise ourselves that, this time, we’ll take it to the next level, this time we’ll get closer to our dreams.

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