Winter time

The coffee is hot, but I like the way it burns my throat and warms my insides. As I’m getting ready for work, I count the days left until the Christmas holiday. I still long for the coziness of my bed, the fluffiness of the pillow and the warmth of the blanket, but I can’t go back.

I look out the window and I’m taken by surprise! Here comes the first snow of the year!

Big, dreamlike fluffy snowflakes are dancing their way down to earth. I feel like I’m in a fairy tale! Looking at this beautiful view, I remember that 10 years ago the snow used to be at knee level and it felt like diving through soft crystals. The whiteness of the snow was blinding!

As I’m walking to work I realize I avoid stepping on other people tracks and I instantly thing of this picture:

I used to dislike roses because everyone else liked them, I used to refuse watching a movie everyone was talking about. I didn’t like doing the same things as the majority of those around me and surrounded myself with things and hobbies not many people liked. And I grew into something different than the rest of them. Not necessarily better, just different. Only, I feel I learned more.

My thoughts are interrupted by the smell of fresh bread that fills the air as I pass the bakery. It is magnified by the cold and I get an instant craving for a piece of that soft, warm, heavenly taste of dough. I intend to go and wait in line, but I’m already late for work.

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