The Lovers

This tarot card symbolizes the perfect union and love, finding harmony and balance within oneself; it may also indicate that you are facing a dilemma, a major decision that needs to be made. Fear not the path you’re on, even if it’s difficult. It will lead you to greater things.

She said “You don’t need me”. He said “You don’t need me either”. Yet, apart they cannot be. They share and breath the same air, their hearts beat on the same rhythm.

She says, “I don’t need you holding my hand, yet my feet won’t move unless I’m going in the same direction as you. I am guided by your will, the life inside of you. My eyes see the world through your eyes, my lips speak only your name, your voice is the only one I follow. I don’t need you to survive, but I need you to be alive.”

They gaze into each other’s eyes and see a world of wonders. Love is setting their souls ablaze, burning them from the inside out. They don’t need each other, but their passion binds them together so tightly that they almost absorbed each other.

He says, “I can breath perfectly without you, yet I feel hollow and dry when we’re apart. I want your scent filling my bones, your hand caressing my face. I fear nothing but the thought of seeing you leave. I can live my life without you, but I have no purpose if you don’t exist and nothing makes sense unless I’m in your presence.”

Love, help us grow and give us eternal life.

Interpol – “All the rage back home”

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