November’s end

Time continues to fly faster and faster as if yesterday never existed. I didn’t even have a chance to enjoy October, I don’t know where November went. I wanted to enjoy some time outside, walking around the city, spend some time in the fresh air, but my routine remained constant.

I needed some time alone, I needed to disconnect from the outer world and take a look at what’s inside my head. So, I went to take a bath. I put on a face mask, poured hot water in the tub with some salt, opened YouTube and chose Billy Joel – Vienna. And it hit me like a hurricane. It hit me so hard that I felt like I was dripping loneliness from every pore of my skin like it was poison. As soon as the song started, the tears washed away my face mask. And I felt so much sadness, so deeply hidden inside of me, that I felt it leaving trails all over me, inside and outside my body. It felt like pure sadness. And it hurt and hurt and I couldn’t stop it and all I knew was that it didn’t matter if I told anyone because this kind of sadness cannot be washed away by anything.

And I felt so alone and useless and all I wanted was to disappear, at least for a while…

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  1. Amorina Rose says:

    The problem is you can disconnect too much and it is hard to get back. You are right though, October came and went, November disappeared and December is flying.

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