A change of perspective

Isn’t it amazing how a good cup of coffee can change everything? How something so small, so regular, so (apparently) insignificant can turn the world upside down?

It’s a rainy-foggy kind of day and, unfortunately, I had barely slept. My mind went on rampage after 3 am and trying to run away from my thoughts only brought more questions and “what if” scenarios.

Therefore, I woke up cranky and sluggish and unable to function. I despised everything: how tired my face looked, how cold the water was, how many dishes were in the sink, how much humidity was outside, how the trees almost lost all of their leaves, how my garden was full of those dead leaves, and so on.

But after I had my strawberry tea to warm up and hydrate my body, I poured myself a hot cup of coffee. And the enriched aroma of it woke up my senses, cleared up my mind and filled my entire being with the pleasure of being alive today. One tiny thing that changed everything.

Small things mean more than we think. Nothing is trivial. Everything goes from small to big. Always.

Have a cup of coffee. Enjoy this Saturday and cherish the small things.

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  1. Amorina Rose says:

    Yes, a lovely thought


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