A touch of Green

The Forest embraces me, welcomes me into its arms, absorbs me into its core. We become one. I breath in the green around me and my lungs expand, filled up with Life.

My whole body absorbs water, earth and light through every pore on my skin. I’m growing branches everywhere. I become a phosphorescent green, leafs sprouting in all directions through my bones. My brain becomes a cluster of light sea green matter, while my mind soaks up the stillness. The Earth welcomes me, the Wind guides me through this Forest of Life.

I hear the wind whispering, caressing the trees, swirling through their bare limbs. Everything around me vibrates in a tint of medium green. The trunk I’m leaning over protects my frail bones and fuels my soul with viridian dreams.

My eyes are slowly closing, my hands are sinking in the wet, pregnant soil. All of my dark thoughts are shrinking, slithering away from me. All the pain decreases its intensity. The Forest is healing my whole being, nourishes my body. Here, I feel protected, I am cared for. Away from humanity’s drama and struggles, away from all the noise in my head. My own madness is converted into a lullaby. It gets quiet and still. My dreams are green, my body is green, my spirit floats lightly within this woods. What better place to soothe my wounds if not here, in this green empire?

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