Back to the wilderness


It was the first weekend after they’ve lifted the restrictions set up because of the corona virus break out. After two months of lockdown, even if we’re still not safe from getting infected, we couldn’t refrain ourselves from taking back our lives. So, naturally, we spent the weekend in the mountains.


Saturday morning we all gathered up excited for our first moto trip this year. It was cold and windy and getting to the destination took longer than usual, but this time nobody complained. We were back on the road, baby!

People in cars filmed us, honked at us, those on the sidewalk were waving their hands, even an ambulance greeted us! It seemed like everybody was living this excitement with us!

This virus changed not only our lives and the way we live, but also the weather. It was colder than normal for this time of the year, but we hungrily inhaled the chilly air until our lungs were burning. It is useless to say in how much pain my tonsils were that night.


Stepping again on the wet leaves, holding on the trunks of the trees, getting help from their roots, gasping for that fresh aromatic scent of the forest filled us with life. We were absorbing the earth through our feet and the colors of the forest invaded our bodies. Our cells became green. We were happy, we were complete! Nature washed away all our worries and anxieties. We were in a sacred place and we forgot about the outside world.


After 5 hours we finished our hiking route and we got back to civilization. The magic ended. Seeing those masks on everyone’s faces brought us back to reality. We thought that we can never go back to what it used to be. Living this way makes us forget what used to be good. We’ll have to stay on high alert all the time for the fear of getting infected. It tears us apart, it divides us, it fills us with even more anxiety than we’ve felt before.

Being back home was good. Although my body was sore and I couldn’t make a step more, my legs were thankful for actually using them. And I already long for those blissful hours during which I felt as if none of this has ever happened, as if the pandemic was just a nasty dream.

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