We surely are going through some tragic times and the tragedy consists not only in the deaths of so many people, but also in losing the sanity and composure of the healthy citizens. People are losing it. they are getting into fights with the police, husbands are beating up their wives and children. Think about cabin fever…

It is a time when pure fear comes to the surface in full force. Fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear for one’s life and losing human rights. People are showing hate, anger and disgust toward each other. Coughing and sneezing became the new atomic bombs.

We are forced to stay inside our homes, not even allowed to visit our relatives and friends, but all for our own good. I believe those who have no hobbies or personal interests, passions and pleasures have it the worst. For them, this feels like prison. Having lived their whole lives outside themselves, they are now forced into meeting their insides, that part that’s usually put to sleep and silenced.

For me it’s extremely easy and I can say that I’m rather enjoying it. I like how quiet the streets are, I like how I can hear the wind without the usual noise made by the passing cars. I enjoy sitting at home and finally having the time to read those books I kept buying, but never got the chance to read them, or finally finishing some of the paintings I kept putting off or working in the garden without being rushed or even powering up my PlayStation One and having fun playing the original Final Fantasy 7. And don’t get me started about the movies, sitcoms and also exercising inside the house is fun. I can brush off my Spanish and German, study astronomy and mythology, some subjects I’m into. Also, I have the time and space to rewire my spiritual path, get in touch with myself. And, above all, I have my good husband and cats I can share my days with. What else can I wish for?

This is a good time to reset, to reconsider our true desires, to slow down and not succumb to insanity. It’s easy to feel angry because of the restraints and I guess the biggest problem here is that people are feeling confined, encaged inside a space that’s way too empty for them to entertain. I’m not saying that what’s happening with the world right now is OK, but it’s happening whether we like it or not and all that’s left to do is making something good out of it.

I’m actually tired of hearing people’s complaints about boredom and about being forced to only stay inside while thousands of others are either dying or being in terrible pain. Just imagining the torment someone must feel when a person dear to them dies in such conditions terrifies me. So, I’d rather protect myself and those around me by staying inside and enjoying the things I love or even learning new stuff. This is a good time of recreating ourselves, of rewiring our brains.

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