What keeps you motivated?

I’m asking this because, whenever I feel ready and excited to make some crucial (and most needed) changes in my life, I get extremely easily distracted. The same goes for everything. I make plans, diagrams and write down every possible outcome, but then something happens and I postpone all that. Until I have a few days or even hours until the deadline. I believe laziness is my worst trait. I procrastinate a lot. So much, that I procrastinate even when I’m procrastinating. I lose focus, my mind gets all fuzzy and unclear. Usually, I do what I feel at the moment but that doesn’t get me anywhere.

Is it the lack of motivation the reason? How do you maintain that spark that sets you on fire? 

Sometimes it feels like I’m watching Life passing me by while my body refuses to move, like it’s made of concrete. 

Take for example today. I have free time to do everything I’m always complaining about not getting the time to do, yet it’s 3 p.m. and I’m still in bed, bored, wondering what the hell should I do with what’s left of this day. Even though I have lots to do. What am I missing? What’s holding me back?

I don’t think I need to be reminded about how precious time is. I just don’t feel like moving. 

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  1. wordsbyblackbutterfly says:

    WOW! Kudos to you for first recognizing it. Next stop…just do it…MOVE!! Move a muscle, move a limb, move in space…just move. Then stay committed. Stay consistent, but stay. When I was commander in the US Air Force, I used to tell my troops to “fake it till you make it…So there. Just start…you’d be surprised, you might even like it…BB

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